Certified Life Coach, R.M.T.

  • Personal Life Supoort
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • AromaTouch
  • Infant & Pediatric CST
  • Infant Massage
  • DIY/Oil Share Events

Rest Assured Bodyworks was birthed after an experience I had over 20 years ago when I was experiencing one of the lowest times in my life. A practitioner of massage had met me in my hour of need and gifted me massage as long as I needed it in an effort to heal myself from not only a broken heart but a body that was crumbling and in desperate need of self love, acceptance, respect and attention.

Her gift of touch and my determination to become whole again led me to pursue a career in wellness which led us in 2003, to launch RAB. I had no idea at that time where we were headed as a company, nor did I have a full understanding of the journey I was about to embark on. Nonetheless, I had a fire inside of me that wanted to reach out and touch a world with healing hands that were given to me as the hands that assisted me on my path back to embracing who I am and what I have been called to do in my life.

I have always had a strong connection to the heavenly realms, however this work has drawn me closer and more reliant on that, as I am fully aware that it is not me who does the healing but those far greater than I who work through me to help others achieve wholeness. Spending time in prayer and meditation prior to and post sessions are an intricate part of my practice and without it I would not be able to hold the space I do for others.

I have been a certified practitioner of multiple modalities for almost 20 years, however for the past several years I have primarily focused my attention on practicing CranioSacral and Somato Emotional Release work blended with life coaching, mentoring other practitioners and overseeing the wellness centre to ensure that the essence of what started this all is prevalent in every aspect of the experiences you have when you come through our doors.

The most effective way I have found in my life to achieve the success and abundance in all areas of my life, is to work as a team, therefore I am pleased to let you know that RAB is a place where there are no lone riders. We are a team, and work together to help you solve the mysteries in your life. You will never find that you will be judged or looked down upon for whatever you are going though in your life, a truer word could not be spoken, that we have all had our own share of bumps along life’s road.

I look forward to meeting you, either by attending one of our workshops, classes, or laying on one of our tables in the healing rooms. I cherish the opportunity to touch your life with a spark of new life and light!

Blessings love and light to you!

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